Recent Reviews for Holm Staging & Design, LLC

Quickest Sale Ever
Master Student, Robert Cetron, referred Holm Staging to me. Had 3 full offers and 1 over asking in the first week (quickest ever for my company).

Danny G.

3 Weeks Closed After Staging
I am fully convinced that because of the beautiful choices you made, we got an offer within 3 weeks of listing that was ABOVE our asking price (asking was $192,000, our accepted offer was $198,000)!! The home looked clean and contemporary, home-y and welcoming, yet elegant. Very nicely done. Thank you so much for your experience and choices. In addition to that, you made it as easy as a couple of emails to get the staging in, and then to have it picked up just before closing. I hope that we were as much of a pleasure to deal with as you were. I can’t wait to use your services again on our next renovation. With your staging, the houses just sell themselves.

Kristin B.

Many thanks for the work you did staging my father’s house in Boynton Beach. I am quite certain that the cleaning, design and staging was the ticket to a successful sale of the house. Even in these difficult economic times, i think the value you gave for your services was excellent, and it brought a positive result. It was good to meet you and to have the opportunity to work with you. Please don’t hesitate to use my name as a reference for your staging work.

Karen S

Thanks to your staging expertise, we have found a buyer for our home and are set to close on the 15th. Our Realtor wanted to list our house for $519,000 to $525,000 but i felt that was to pricey. I wanted to list for $475,000 to $485,00. We ended up listing for $509,000 and the buyer made an offer for $500,000. I personally think that by staging our house we earned an extra $25,000 and saved at least 2 months in having our house on the market. Cheers!

John And Ellen B

Pictures do not do justice to the beautiful staging you’ve done on our house. All your decorating techniques are tastefully done and present the house in a very positive light. I’m amazed you completed it in a day. All the rooms are so lovely and exquisite. Many positive comments have come back from Realtors about the presentation/staging. Thanks again.

J. Gons

Wow! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. You definitely warmed up an empty house. We are so grateful for your expertise and willingness to go the extra mile.Your work is beautiful. Thank you for all you’ve done to make our home appealing.

S & J Strubhar

Thank you for putting the house together for us. I feel much more confidant having buyers come in to see the house. Everyone loves the more finished look. It was great working with you

E. Schwall

Diane, my Realtor sent me pictures and oh my God!! The house looks awesome! You did a great job and I think you made a friend for life. Dave, my Realtor, was thoroughly impressed. He could not say enough. I know you’ll get some business from him as a result of your staging. Thanks!

Vicki J

Woow, what a difference!!!! It really looks great! I should have gotten your services when I first moved. Thank you Diane.

Igor N.

Realtor Associate
Diane’s staging services gave an instant face lift to my listings. I believe her services made the properties stand out from the rest and as a result I had an offer within two weeks.

Nicole B.